A capital ideal for the new year: Give those gastric glands a big job every morning! Eat pie! From the Minneapolis Tribune:

Pie for Breakfast Urged

Physicians Applaud Doctor Who Urges Giving Gastric Glands Big Job Early in the Day.
Chicago, Aug. 22. – (Special.) – Attention, dyspeptics! If you seek relief and long for the culinary propensities enjoyed by your epicure neighbors, eat large chunks of juicy pie for breakfast.
This cure was prescribed by Dr. Charles McCormick before the third annual convention of the Association of Independent Doctors. The suggestion was applauded by delegates.
Dr. McCormick attacked the teaching of the “regular” medical profession, scored the use of drugs, and thus led up to the subject of that pastry made famous by the New England housewife.
“Eat pie, eat all you want of it, and eat it for breakfast if you would have a good stomach,” he directed. “Let the gastric glands begin their day’s work with a good big job and you will feel the better for it. Throw away breakfast foods, for they kill more people in one year than does all the alcohol that was ever manufactured into whisky. Those who seek health must get the right food combination, and in pointing out the combination medical science is about 400 years behind the times. I say again eat plenty of pie! It will cure your dyspepsia!”

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