A new survey is drenched in marketing shtick, and yet it raises an always interesting question of self-reflection: are you where you want to be in life right now? Bellevue University's survey of 1,700 Americans suggests that four in 10 would answer "no". 32 percent of respond ants also said they thought they would have achieved more in life by now.

This dissatisfaction was most prevalent among divorced respond ants: 52 percent were not happy with their present stations in life and 45 percent figured they would have accomplished more. Single respond ants were more dissatisfied than married respond ants (46 percent versus 36 percent). However, the rate of people believing they should have accomplished more by now increased by the number of children they had. (It's unclear whether this is a legitimate trend, or a random variation due to the relatively small survey size.)

No surprise that 47 percent of people without college degrees were not where they wanted to be in life. But plenty of people with bachelor's degrees (33 percent) weren't where they wanted to be either. Bellevue's angle is clear. The Nebraska college, with an extensive online degree program, is positioning itself to be the answer for people seeking to achieve more.

But setting that aside, how would you answer that question today? And if the answer is no, what needs to happen for you to change that answer to yes? No better time than the present to ask yourself that one ...


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