Early this winter we had three Wild Turkeys coming to the yard to peck for seeds beneath our bird feeders. Then we had two. Then we had one. And yesterday we were down to part of one. We've seen foxes cutting through our yard. We hear the neighborhood coyotes late at night. One of those species is the likely diner here. Feathers were scattered throughout the yard. The largest piece of the remains was the breastbone with attached wings, the latter spread as though to make a snow angel. There also was one foot with attached ankle bone and joint. I was impressed by the absolute lack of flesh on any of the remains. The carnivore(s) all but polished the bones. The kill and meal happened not 50 feet from our bedroom windows. Unfortunatey, I didn't hear a thing. Here's the foot and ankle bone. You or I couldn't gnaw that bone any cleaner.


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