By Robyn Dochterman

Did you know the traditional gift for the 5th wedding anniversary is wood? I was delighted when I looked this up recently. Not that there's anything wrong cotton or paper or tin, mind you (well, tin is actually kind of lame). Just that, to me, wood means a tree. As in, I have a good excuse for planting a new tree that will grow along with my relationship.

So I'm gathering ideas. If you could just go into any nursery and pick a tree, what kind would you get? Would you look for something practical, like a shade tree to rest under in this sudden return to summer? Something with great fall color to feast your eyes on every autumn? Something that ushers in spring with a great floral display? Something impervious to boring bugs? Something that makes fruit? Feeds the bees? Smells good? Has interesting bark?

Or would you go for sentimental? I know some of you have emotional connections to certain kinds of trees. What are they? What do they mean to you? 

Has anyone else chosen a tree for just such an occasion? 

Oh, and please help me out with this important question, too. Anything I should definitely avoid, lest I be seen as, um, unromantic?