Jeff Tuel has an unverified Twitter account and a handle that looks like spam (@qb10jvt).

As of now, he doesn't even have a Wikipedia page.

But also as of now, he is the Week 1 starter for your Buffalo Bills against New England -- and he is poised to be the first undrafted rookie free agent to start Week 1 of his first season in the "common draft era" per Elias.

That's what happens when first-round pick E.J. Manuel is injured and Kevin Kolb has a high-level concussion.

The Bills signed Matt Leinart, traded for Thad Lewis and will likely start Tuel, formerly of Washington State.

Christian Ponder and Matt Cassel isn't so bad, right? Even McLeod Bethel-Thompson has a Wiki page, even if 27 percent of all people who find it are searching for the Love Boat TV show guy.

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