Walker Community United Methodist Church (File photo by Art Hager, 1979): "The story of the church begins inside. This is not always the quiet, serene place one normally expects a church to be. There are people moving around, bumping into one another, the noise of someone pounding a hammer, the strains of music drifting past. The church is a labyrinth of stairways, hallways and cubbyholes, with little offices tucked behind the altar and built into the sanctuary balcony. There is a radio station in the attic, a puppet troupe in the basement and a whole lot of enthusiastic volunteers sandwiched in between."

Walker Church declares sanctuary (File photo by Regene Radniecki, 1983) "The church will harbor Alberto Giron, center, a refugree from Guatemala. Walker is the second area church to defy federal law to harbor refugees under the biblical tradition of sanctuary."


Variety show at the church (File photo by John Croft, 1973) 


On Monday, Rich Deming signed a board of memories of Walker Community United Methodist Church displayed the the outskirts of what was left after a fire devastated the church the night before (Staff photo by Renee Jones Schneider)