Francisco Liriano had already thrown 42 pitches in two innings of Thursday's afternoon game, putting him on pace for another 5 and change classic. Now he's been pulled -- left posterior shoulder strain is the word, per our guy La VelleĀ  -- and the quick departure gives us time to tidy up the math:

Liriano has now thrown 2,269 pitches in 134 innings this year -- nearly 17 pitches per inning. For those obsessed with the 100 pitch mark, that typically puts him on pace to be laboring at that mark as he nears the end of the sixth inning. Last year, he was around 15.7, and in the other-worldly 2006 he was at 14.8.

Not like you needed small numbers to point out Liriano's rough year, but there you go.

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