Rebekkah Brunson

Rebekkah Brunson


With programs like the recent “Lynx Fit” and the Silent Auction event coming up soon to benefit underprivileged youth, MN Lynx have been making big moves in the Twin Cities. There is no questioning the strength of the presence that this WNBA team has in our community. One particular name that stands out among leaders on and off the court is Rebekkah Brunson. Rebekkah’s dedication, perseverance and champion spirit are apparent with the effort she puts in on the court and in the community.

When asked about the upcoming Silent Auction Rebekkah commented: “Its a Dinner & Silent Auction Fundraiser Event in Spring 2010,  we'll be funding youth trips and activities for the underprivileged youth.  We're still working on a date for this event […]”

Lynx Writer Menzie Henderson in her article about Lynx Fit had this to say: “The Minnesota Lynx Fit program is a five-week initiative aimed at educating youth on the importance of physical fitness, eating healthy, education and reading. […] Several goals of the initiative include improving health conditions associated with poor nutrition and lack of regular physical activity, promoting healthy food choices, increasing fitness through regular activity and improving access and dissemination of information regarding nutrition and fitness for youth and adults.”



A champion not only in spirit, but in truth Rebekkah won her first and only WNBA championship in 2005 with the Sacramento Monarchs, “Every game feels a little bit different. But the anxiety and excitement seemed to be the same.” Said Ms. Brunson in response to one of my interview questions (view other questions and answers below). According to online sources Brunson graduated from Georgetown in 2004 as its women's basketball program's all-time leading rebounder. Her perceived abilities rang true and were well demonstrated through her leading the league in offensive rebounds per game and total offensive rebounds for the 2007 regular season.

Acquired by the MN Lynx in a 2009 dispersal draft after the Monarchs’ suspension of operations Brunson got to work quickly making a name for herself in MN with her work ethic and dedication to service. Although much energy is spent with the intense conditioning sessions, practices, and seasons of the WNBA league Brunson finds time to hold herself accountable for her commitment to affecting the communities around her. Also committed to affecting the community she comes from Rebekkah established her 32 Foundation that focuses on academics and athletics aimed at helping teens in the metropolitan DC area stay out of trouble and overcome limited access to opportunities for development and success. With her incredible efforts in making a difference Rebekkah truly epitomizes being a champion in our community.



Q: What drives your passion for the game of basketball?

A: My love for the game drives my passion. It’s not just something I do, not just a job for me. It’s something that I love and enjoy doing. Every time I step on the court, whether it be in practice or in a game, there is a small light inside me that drives me to continue playing.


Q: What drives you to participate in community involvement?

A: I am very compassionate towards the needs of others and want to be able to reach out and help where ever possible. I had a lot of community assistance in getting where I am and I want to be able to pass that on. The trials of ordinary life are tough enough, and I would love to make the lives of others a little easier. 


Q: How did the 32 Foundation get started, and what made you choose the focus area of academics to go along with athletics?

A: The 32 foundation got started with a simple idea and desire to help local athletes in need. To be able to show them that their goals and aspirations should reach outside of their communities and beyond what is visible to them. It’s easy for inner city athletes, and people in general, to get stuck in their subculture, not taking advantage of the opportunities that may arise for them to move outward and upward. I want to be able to help them clearly see and take advantage of every possible opportunity, while allowing them to understand the situations they are in.  



Q: Do you have any specific goals in mind that you would like to accomplish through your career, your foundation, or your other community involvement activities?

A: Through my career I want to show that you can accomplish what you set out to. With the right work ethic and mind set your goals can be obtained and accomplishments can surpass your greatest expectations. Through my foundation and community involvement, I want to be a piece of the flourishing of our youth. This is not only for athletes, but for every young person in every community that I can reach, that may need help, that may need guidance, or that may simply need an ear or a shoulder to express their fears and dreams and uncertainties.

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