The Monday morning rush hour ends with traffic moving at posted speeds in many places, but crawling along in others.

The slowest drives in the metro are on 494 in Bloomington and 35W in the north metro.

On 494, it's 18 minutes between Hwy. 212 and Cedar Avenue. That both eastbound and westbound.

On southbound 35W, things are slow from Hwy. 10 to 694 and slows again from Industrial Blvd. down to Washington Avenue.

Northbound 35W is heavy from 46th Street to 94. Plan on 15 minutes from Crosstown to downtown.

Westbound 694 is loosening a tad, but you'll need 5 to 8 extra minutes from Labore Road over to Central Avenue.

Look for a crash on northbound 494 just before the Fish Lake interchange.

A fender bender is on the right shoulder on eastbound 94 at the Hennepin/Lyndale Avenue exit.

The ramp from eastbound 694 to University Avenue in Fridley is closed from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. today.


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