The wreck that has tangled traffic on westbound 94 at Cretin Avenue for more than an hour has finally cleared. It will take a while for traffic to recover with late rush hour commuters heading to work and folks heading to the State Fair.

It's still a 25-minute trip from Hwy. 61 over to Hwy. 280.

Eastbound 94 is thick from Lowry Avenue to 35W. That is 17 minutes. Eastbound 394 also is heavy from General Mills Blvd. to Dunwoody Blvd. That is 15 minutes, unusually slow for this time of the morning.

Northbound 35W is stil at 18 minutes from Crosstown up to 94.

Westbound Hwy. 36 is 15 minutes from Hwy. 61 over to 35W.

Snelling Avenue is running much slower than normal due to State Fair traffic. Look for extra vehicles on Larpenteur Avenue, too.


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