The right shoulder of eastbound Hwy. 36 is blocked with a crash at 694. Westbound traffic slows from Dale Street to 35W, and things remain tight all the way to Hennepin Avenue.

The left shoulder is blocked with a vehicle on westbound Hwy. 62 at Penn Avenue.

Crews are trying to turn a vehicle right side up on  southbound 35E at County Road 96. The left shoulder is partially blocked.

A nice delay is in place on northbound Hwy. 52 at Plato Blvd. A wreck has the left lane blocked.

Both northbound Cedar Avenue and 35W remain tight in the south metro from County Road 42 to 494.

A stall has been moved out of the way on southbound Hwy. 100 at County Road 81, but you'll need a couple extra minutes as traffic slows in the immediate area.


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