Congestion is starting to loosen on southbound 35W in the north metro. The tightest traffic is between County Road 10 and 694.  Ahead, look for the remenents of a crash on the right shoulder between Broadway Street and Hennepin Avenue.

Westbound 494 remains congested from Cedar Avenue to Hwy. 100. The traffic stop at Lyndale is gone. Plan on 15 minutes through there.  Eastbound is moving quite nicely for this time of the day.

The westbound Crosstown has its issues from 35W over to Hwy. 100. Eastbound is fair, with a minor slow down near Xerxes Avenue.

Northbound 169 is stop and go from County Road 18 up to Anderson Lakes Pkwy.  Southbound is moving well from 63rd Avenue to 394.

Prepare to hit the brakes on eastbound 394 between Hwy. 169 and Hwy. 100. Ahead, things loosen over at Penn Avenue.

A crash remains on the right shoulder of northbound 35E at Yankee Doodle Road.


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