The drive on northbound 35W is slow from the Crosstown to downtown Minneapolis. That will cost you 15 minutes.

Motorists on Hwy. 100 are stuck in traffic. Southbound is creeping along from France Avenue to Excelsior Blvd. due to a wreck at 23rd Street, just south of 394.

Northbound 100 tightens at Excelsior Blvd up to 394 due to a crash that has just cleared at Minnetonka Blvd.

Congestion has the drive along 494 at 21 minutes in both ways between Cedar Avenue to Hwy. 169.

Crosstown has pockets of slow and go traffic in both directions from Portland Avenue to Hwy. 169.

It's bumper to bumper on 694 in both directions between Central Avenue and 35E. Plan on 15 to 20  mintues there.

Plan on adding a few extra minutes on northbound 169, which is heavy from County Road 18 to 494. Look for a couple trucks on the right shoulder at Anderson Lakes Pkwy.

An earlier crash on Cedar Avenue at Hwy. 13 had cleared and things are loosening. It's 10 minutes from 35E up to 494.


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