A crash on northbound 35W at 36th Street is making the drive from Crosstown to downtown Minneapolis very slow. It's 15 minutes there.

On southbound 35W, look for pockets of slow traffic from 95th Avenue down to 694, and ahead from Industrial Blvd. down to 94. A crash on the right shoulder at Stinson Blvd. is adding to the delays.

On westbound 494, it's 20 minutes or more from Hwy. 5 over to Hwy. 100 due to congestion.

It's a tough drive through the work zone on 694 in both directions from Brooklyn Blvd. to 35W. Plan on 15 minutes to get through there.

The westbound Crosstown is tight from Shady Oak Road over to Penn Avenue. Eastbound slows from 28th Avenue over to France Avenue. That is 15 minutes.

Northbound 35W is plugged up from County Road 46 up to the Minnesota RIver bridge. The worst is between Burnsville Pkwy. and the Minnesota River bridge.




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