Friday, May 15, 2009 

  On the St. Croix today ~~ WOW! First, this is what I call hard core fishing. It wasn't the most diserable of conditions. Winds were out of the South at 25 to 30 mph most of the day.  I couldn't even tell you what the wind gusts were.  If you have ever fished the St. Croix you know there aren't too many places to hide from a straight south wind. Water temperature was at 57-58 degrees, which is good. I started out jigging a minnow, realizing really quick the jig isn't going to work today. I changed over to rigging a night crawler with a couple of drift socks. This slowed me down to .75 to 1mph. This I could work with.  Several more short Walleye and a 17" Walleye, Success. I found most of the fish in 17 to 23 feet of water. As the white caps continued to push me out of the zone, I changed it up again and began a troll.  Trolling did produce the next 17" fish, but still a lot of short fish. Changed spots a lot looking for areas not as wind blown. I even back trolled for a while with a night crawler and found it was really tough to keep where I needed to be and didn't have a whole lot of luck. As the water was making bigger breaker's, I finally called it a day at 1pm. It was still a great day on the water and this really does beat working. 
Have a great fishing day !!

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Don't let one bad day of fishing discourage you.

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Catch of the day a 29 inch walleye weighing in at 9lbs, 8oz!