<p>Business:</b> Carpet cleaning using a technology that does not involve soaps and chemicals, but rather an electrolyzed water product called &#34;Empowered Water.&#34;</p>
<p>Founded:</b> 2005; acquired by new owners in late 2006</p>
<p>Headquarters:</b> Roseville</p>
<p>Website:</b> <a href="http://www.myzerorez.com">www.myzerorez.com</a> </p>
<p>Executives:</b> Owners Jim Hoag, Michael Kaplan, Ryan Stevens and Sean Stevens.</p>
<p>Employees: 14</p>
<p>2007 revenue: $710,000, on track to top $1 million in 2008</p>
<p>Corporate roots: The company is a Twin Cities franchisee of Utah-based Zerorez Franchising Systems, which has obtained exclusive rights to the Empowered Water technology in the carpet-cleaning field.</p>