Here’s a scary thought if you are really tired of Deflategate: the NFLPA’s lawsuit on behalf of Brady is reportedly being filed in Minnesota, per’s Ian Rapoport.

Why would they do that? Well, here’s Maury Brown, writing for USA Today’s The Fields of Green blog, ripping the NFL for not settling with Tom Brady and noting the consequences before Rapoport’s report:

The NFL needed to levy a stiff fine and remove game suspensions from the mix. That would have been smart and been your settlement. Otherwise, Brady and his defense team will now ask for his case in Federal court to be heard in Minnesota or Massachusetts, both of which are seen as pro-labor. Brady gets an injunction to stop the suspension while the case is heard, thus making Goodell toothless initially. The downside for Brady could be that if the courts rule in favor of the NFL, Brady is potentially sitting on the sideline at the end of the season when games matter most.

But the odds of that seem low. Due process was not exactly fair for Brady, and the courts are likely to see that. If Roger Goodell had had any sense, he would have settled. Of course given how he’s handled other matters recently, he didn’t. Now, we’ll see how this plays in court.

Indeed, we will — and perhaps we’ll get a close-up look at it if it really goes to trial. Remember when Pat and Kevin Williams of the Vikings were suspended in 2008 for four games in conjunction with StarCaps? They were part of a lawsuit filed in Minneapolis. Kevin Williams ultimately served two games … in 2011. Pat Williams was finished with football by then.

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