If your job was throwing parties with free beer and steak, you'd probably work as hard as Nick Beste, the tireless "chief grunt" of Man Cave Worldwide, which hosts Mary Kay-style home parties or "meat-ings" for (mostly) men.

Beste, seemingly a born entrepreneur, works hard regardless, whether he's pitching brew and brats or salsa and suckers. Just 24 and barely a year out of the University of Minnesota, the North Dakota native has been buying stocks and launching business ventures since ninth grade. Early efforts included selling candy to high school classmates, starting a lawn mowing company and trying to open a smoothie franchise, until his parents found out and quashed that plan.

"It's just the thrill of creation, almost like art, in a sense," Beste said of his drive to get into business. "You start with a blank canvas and see a picture in your head."

Man Cave, based in Eden Prairie, is only one of the companies Beste started while at the U, where he earned a bachelor's of science degree in entrepreneurship. He also operates the Beste Co., which distributes Village Hot Sauce, a North Dakota-made fresh salsa, to Twin Cities area grocery stores.

He recently appeared on "Good Morning America" and MSNBC to talk up the Man Cave lifestyle and the rapidly growing company, which last year topped $1 million in sales. Man Cave has 1,300 sales reps who host parties in 48 states, earning commissions on sales to partygoers and making for a popular home-based business.

Beste's time off typically finds him reading, often business books or magazines, or visiting his family, hanging out with his girlfriend or playing with his two-year-old, 130-pound Great Dane, Milly.

Three and out with Nick Beste

  • What's your favorite thing to grill?

I love steak. I could eat steak seven days a week. We have a tri-tip sirloin that's a 1 1/2-pound steak. It's delicious.

  • Medium or medium rare?

I like medium. That's my temperature of choice. I used to go well done when I was younger. One day my dad said, "You've got to try medium." It was one of those coming-of-age things. It was a big day.

  • Are women allowed at Man Cave parties?

You can definitely have women at a Man Cave party -- they just can't decorate the space. They'll try to add the female touch: "You need napkins!" We don't need napkins! We always have fun with that. Many times it's a coed or couples thing. They tend to have just as much fun as the guys.