Do you feel lucky?

The Wolves were Tuesday, winning a draw with the New York Knicks for the sixth slot in the NBA’s draft order before next month’s lottery is held.

The draw of a Ping-Pong ball from a hopper was televised by NBA TV. It was the last of five drawings that broke ties between teams that finished with the same regular-season record.

The Wolves and Knicks each went 31-51, but the Wolves’ ball — with something that resembled their new logo — popped out, giving them the edge in the draft order over the Knicks.

The Wolves now have a 43.9 percent chance in May 16 lottery to pick sixth, a 33.1 percent chance to pick seventh, a 4.5 percent chance to pick eighth and a 0.1 percent chance to pick ninth in the June draft.

They also have a 5.3 percent chance to win the first overall pick, a 6.0 percent chance to pick second and a 7.0 percent chance to pick third.

The Wolves lost the season’s last six games to help them get that sixth slot.

The draft’s top prospects include Washington point guard Markelle Fultz, UCLA point guard Lonzo Ball, Kansas forward Josh Jackson and Duke forward Jayson Tatum.

If the Wolves draft sixth, seventh or eighth, they’ll likely be choosing from Kentucky guard Malik Monk, Florida State forward Jonathan Isaac, Arizona stretch-4 shooter Lauri Markkanen or one of five point guards expected to go among the first 10 picks. That includes Kentucky’s De’Aaron Fox, North Carolina State’s Dennis Smith and France’s Frank Ntilikina.