Before you, dear Timberwolves fans, read one more “should team X trade for Karl-Anthony Towns” item, fueled by last week’s Zach Lowe/Brian Windhorst podcast chatter that Towns and the Wolves are “not in a good place internally” and accelerated when Windhorst doubled-down by saying teams are already sniffing around Towns, let me direct your attention to a DIFFERENT podcast.

This one, hosted by Ryan Russillo and featuring Adrian Wojnarowski — the NBA truth whisperer — had an interesting little nugget embedded within a bunch of draft chatter late in the show. Around the 1 hour, 6 minute mark, Russillo starts talking about the Suns and how hard it is to pull off a trade involving the No. 1 pick when it comes to getting value. He declares he wouldn’t trade Towns for that pick.

“I think their owner would trade management/the coach before he would trade Karl-Anthony Towns,” Woj responded. “I don’t think they would allow that. I just don’t believe they’d allow that kind of decision.”

Management/the coach is, more or less, President of Basketball Operations/head coach Tom Thibodeau.

Wojnarowski goes on to assert that the Wolves “aren’t moving (Towns)” but that their bigger issue is Andrew Wiggins because Towns and Jimmy Butler are due big extensions while Wiggins’ extension is due to kick in next year.

“If someone was going to get moved — and I’m not saying anyone’s going to be moved — I think Andrew Wiggins is the one you’re going to look at first,” Woj said.

That said, it’s hard to imagine Towns being traded or Thibodeau being fired two years into a five-year deal.

Out of three possible major outcomes this summer: trading Wiggins, trading Towns or getting rid of Thibodeau after a 47-win season and playoff berth, trading Wiggins seems by far the most likely thing. That’s not to say “likely,” just more likely than those other things.

And if we can trust Woj, a trade of Towns is the least likely of those scenarios, regardless of whether he’s truly unhappy or not.

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