CP: Imagine my delight when I opened the Sunday New York Times recently and saw two friends written up in the wedding announcements. Two male friends, that is -- the delightful Genilson and his handsome hubby, Mark.

RN: I know. That's how I scan those pages, looking for pictures of two men, or two women. The straight couples have become invisible to my eyes.

CP: The gay nuptials were in Provincetown, so of course they had to be untraditional. Those assembled were serenaded by well-known local performer Penny Champagne.

RN: That's my favorite new drag name, next to Claire Voyant and Whitney Biennial.

CP: She did a tasteful little jazz number in lieu of her bluer material. In-laws, you know. Then the groom and groom were whisked away by pedicab.

RN: How romantic. I see that Kevin Keller, the gay character in the "Archie" comics, is headed to the altar with his boyfriend. But in order to get to the church on time, the blond, lantern-jawed soldier has to return from a war zone, a nod, perhaps, to this week's formal repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

CP: When the newlyweds in these newspaper photos are the same gender, the copy should always refer to them as "left" and "right," or we won't know Jackie from Jill. Also, the late arrival of gay marriage in states like New York and Massachusetts has made for some very long engagements. Two guys in last week's announcements just tied the knot after being together for 47 years.

RN: Sweet. A month ago, I read a story in the Times about a couple who have been together for 39 years. Both men were in failing health, so they were married in an impromptu ceremony at Beth Israel Medical Center, seated in side-by-side wheelchairs, looking festive in matching white sweatpants and sweatshirts. The hospital's food-service chef contributed a two-tiered wedding cake. I cried, naturally.

CP: I hope the wedding dinner was low-sodium.

RN: Although I know you will find it shocking to learn that a fashion designer is gay, here's some other wedding news: Michael Kors and Lance LePere, who met 21 years ago, got hitched, barefoot, in a tasteful beach ceremony in the Hamptons attended by just a few close friends and People magazine. Mazel tov!

CP: What will be the first giant gay wedding in the media?

RN: I assume you're excluding all of Liza Minnelli's.

CP: You know, like with helicopters hovering and Us Magazine getting the exclusive? Maybe the Coop?

RN: Can you imagine? That could garner more extensive coverage than the Middleton-Windsor and Kardashian-Humphries spectacles, combined. At least on Logo.