Ippolito 1845 Mare Chiaro ‘Cirò’ 2017

The Ippolito 1845 winery comes by its name honestly: Vincenzo Ippolito stamped his initials on the country house nestled in these vineyards back in 1845. The wines are honest as well, boasting purity and precision. Especially the Ippolito 1845 Mare Chiaro “Cirò” 2017 ($18), which is also seriously delicious, with a fruit cocktail of flavors. The aromas on this white gem are floral and fruity, the finish surprisingly brisk. The Calabria region in southern Italy is not renowned as a major wine source, but with stellar offerings such as this, made with the greco bianco grape, maybe it soon will be. Anything from the ocean, lake or stream will sing with this, and seasonally it’s a nice match for tomatoes and corn.

Available at Vinfera, Thomas, North Loop, Lake Aire (Duluth), Mount Royal (Duluth) and Tessa’s Office (Rochester).

Bill Ward