Car windows were broken out in more than two dozen vehicles in northeast Minneapolis over the weekend, possibly by someone with a pellet gun or other tool, police and a victim said Tuesday. No arrests have been announced.

Reports filed with police were similar: The vandalism in or near the Logan Park neighborhood straddled Sunday into Monday, driver’s side windows were targeted, most were parked on the street and no one reported any items stolen from their vehicles.

Nine vehicles were damaged in the 600 block of Washington Street, and six were vandalized along several blocks of Jefferson Street, according to police reports.

One witness in that block of Washington said she heard a “pop” shortly after 5:30 a.m. Monday and saw someone inside a maroon Dodge Caravan with rusted rims break a window on her neighbor’s pickup truck with an object she could not identify, one of the police reports said. The minivan was last seen heading east on Summer Street, the witness said.

The pickup belongs to the husband of Sarah Knoss, who said she heard that same popping sound and then a vehicle speeding away.

Knoss said the minivan is “a familiar vehicle with my neighbors. They have seen it driving around before.”

Anthony LaVelle, who lives in a duplex on Spring Street, said he came out late Monday morning to find the back-seat window on the driver’s side of his 2016 Honda CRV busted out.

“My neighbor above, his back window was popped too,” LaVelle said.

LaVelle said he drove north on Washington and “saw six more cars where people were cleaning up and taping up their windows. It was crazy.”

Police spokesman John Elder said “there were a few incidents where officers could clearly see a pellet or BB gun was used.”

LaVelle said he couldn’t tell whether the damage was from a pellet gun or a baseball bat or something else.

“We’ve lived in the same spot for eight years, and it’s the first incident of vandalism to our property or anything like that,” LaVelle said.

A precinct crime prevention specialist was preparing an advisory for all Northeast residents “explaining the rash of damage” and to encourage anyone who sees suspicious activity to call 911 or CrimeStoppers.