Beer-lovers have spoken. More than 10,000 of you, in fact. The results of the Minnesota Beer Bracket’s Sudsy Sixteen are in, and the top-seeded heavyweights are still dominating.

While there were no upsets, there were a few surprises, making for some exciting matchups ahead.

We’ve got Castle Danger vs. Indeed and Bent Paddle vs. Fair State, giving Lake Superior two more chances to crush the Twin Cities. There are two classic breweries locked in a classic battle (Schell’s vs. Summit). And a Minneapolis brawl is shaping up in Surly vs. Dangerous Man.

It’s time for the Ale-ite Eight. Vote now through 5 p.m. Tuesday.

But first, some analysis on our Sudsy Sixteen.

Setting a tournament record for a win by the largest margin — for the second year in a row (and receiving 614 more votes than even the No. 1-seed, Castle Danger), second-seed Bent Paddle started off strong. The Duluth brewery got 71.4 percent of the votes in its contest against Steel Toe (and 70.7 percent of the vote against Bauhaus last year). Brutal. Now, it goes up against No. 7 Fair State, which won its own match against Barrel Theory with 61 percent of the vote.

The best tournament newcomer distinction goes to 13-seed Modist. Its performance in the Sudsy Sixteen was not, well, modest. While powerhouse and one-time champ No. 4 Schell’s hung on to its lead throughout the contest, the Minneapolis operation never stopped nipping at the New Ulm’s brewery’s heels. Schell’s now faces No. 5 Summit.

Squeaking out a win by only a 414-vote margin was No. 8-seed Indeed over No. 9 Fulton. That puts the Minneapolis brewery in a tough position as it prepares to challenge the seemingly unstoppable reigning champ, Castle Danger, which knocked out Lift Bridge in the first round by nearly a 2-to-1 margin.

As for Surly, the No. 3 seed, it had no problem wiping Insight out of the competition, winning 61 percent of the vote. Now it faces Dangerous Man, the sixth seed that beat newcomer Lupulin, 63 percent to 37 percent. In fact, Dangerous Man got more votes than Surly this time around. Can it do that again, when it matters?

Only one way to be sure. Vote!