USC might be warning future Heisman Trophy winners that their luck could change.

Lou Piniella might be looking for someone new to argue with after he retires at the end of the year.

Brian Duensing might be stretched beyond belief if he needs to take that many rotation spots.


Co-worker Ron Haggstrom notes the Twins team ERA has gone up every year since 2005 ... except this season (through Monday):

1. 2005: 3.71.

2. 2006: 3.95.

3. 2007: 4.15.

4. 2008: 4.16.

5. 2009: 4.50.

6. 2010: 4.19.

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"This whole career has been way more than I ever even imagined or dreamed. The opportunities that I'd be able to enjoy and appreciate and be a part of, it's been incredible." -- Softball icon Jennie Finch, who announced she is retiring next month.