They thought up the 30-day Appalachian Trail hike during their monthlong Mississippi River trek, so it’s no surprise the Okee Dokee Brothers already have a notion what kind of journey they’ll take for their next adventure album.

“We’re thinking something out West, maybe along the Continental Divide, maybe involving horses,” said Joe Mailander. He offered a hint of the direction the music will go, too.

“We’d like to bring in a country and western swing kind of vibe. Justin and I are both really big fans of Justin Townes Earle and the Cactus Blossoms and those kind of newer acts playing more traditional country music, so we would love to dabble in that sound.”

The trek will probably take place in summer 2015, with the results to follow a year later. First, though, Mailander has a different adventure to plan: his wedding. He and his fiancée, Alison, are getting married in November on her home turf of Naples, Fla. And you’ll never guess who his best man is going to be.

“People automatically assumed it’s going to be me, but I wasn’t so sure,” said his Okee Dokee brother, Justin Lansig.

It’s him, all right. A musical duo that sleeps in tents together stays together.