Post offices: Closed. No regular mail service.

Banks: All Bremer Bank branches will be closed. TCF traditional and in-store branches (in Cub stores) will be open normal hours. Wells Fargo in-store and traditional branches will be open. U.S. Bank traditional and in-store branches in Byerly’s stores will be open and Normandale Community College, West Side Flats, Thomson Reuters and Meridian Crossings locations will be closed. Call for hours.

Groceries: Many supermarkets will be open.

Malls: Many stores will be open. Call for hours.

Mass transit: Regular Northstar service will operate. Metro Transit buses, Metro Blue Line (Hiawatha), Red Line and Green Line will follow regular schedules. Minnesota Valley Transit Authority, Maple Grove Transit, Plymouth Metrolink and SouthWest Metro Transit will follow regular service. Call Metro Mobility for service. For route information, call 612-373-3333 or go to

Parking meters: Will not be enforced in Minneapolis and St. Paul. The University of Minnesota will enforce meters unless noted on the meter. Minneapolis parks will enforce meters unless noted on the meter.

Schools: Many public schools are closed. Call for hours. The University of Minnesota will be open.

Public agencies: Local, state and federal offices will be closed.

Libraries: Generally closed. Call for hours.