On this week's Access Vikings podcast, we ponder just how much different the offense looked under Pat Shurmur and delve into the question of who will take the blame if the Vikings' season continues to go downhill after a 5-0 start. Find it via iTunes and


If you didn't get enough of the Wolves and Nets when they played each other Tuesday, they're both on Wednesday, as well. Wolves at Magic (FSN) and Nets at Knicks (ESPN), both at 6 p.m.


"In a straight up competition [without any situational game pressure] Walsh probably looks good compared to what's out there. Please keep the next best competitor in your phone book. I guess we will have to wait until he loses another one (Please don't let it be at Green Bay!) to see his streakiness leave the building."

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"Bill Simmons' HBO show is going out with a bang: Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla will guest. Yes: 'Man Show' reunion!"