The Houston Rockets tied an NBA record by making 23 three-pointers in their game last night against Golden State. From the looks of the highlights, the shots came mainly in the course of their offense -- and atrocious defense by Golden State -- and it was just one of those nights when almost everything was falling.

Until, that is, Golden State stopped Houston from shooting by any means necessary. Per the Houston Chronicle:

But the Warriors finished the game doing whatever was necessary to stop the rain of 3-pointers, fouling intentionally and often, until the 3-pointer the Rockets could not take was nearly as notable as the 23 they made.

“We were not going to lay down,” Golden State coach Mark Jackson said. “I’m an old-school basketball player and an old-school coach. If you can’t appreciate that, that’s on you. If you’re going to try to get the record, we’re going to stop it.”

Jackson apparently has "old-school" confused with "bush league" because that's exactly what the Warriors' antics were. If you want to be old-school, yell at your players and demand that they do a better job guarding the perimeter. Give them a hard practice today -- complete with wind sprints, something that will make them think back to high school and think long and hard about giving up 23 three-pointers and 140 points.

But intentionally fouling so a team can't try to set a record, even if the record comes in the normal course of the game? Weak. Really weak. So weak that Jackson should be fined by David Stern.