The best thing on the Internet on Tuesday was quite possibly the long SportsCenter feature involving ESPN’s Sam Alipour hanging out with Wolves star Jimmy Butler.

The duo decided to do something very Minnesotan — take a trip on a canoe together — and it was quite clear from the beginning that Butler had no idea what he was doing. Around the 1-minute mark of the full video, Butler screams as the canoe starts to wobble when he’s standing up in it as they prepare to depart.

But that’s just the warm-up. Butler and Alipour depart on a Minnesota lake, with Alipour doing most of the work. When they get back, Alipour gets out first. And then, well, the canoe becomes unstable and … well …

Butler also gave a thoughtful answer to a question of why the Bulls traded a player of his caliber to the Wolves.

“I probably went about a lot of things the wrong way. People don’t work as hard as I do and they don’t expect the same things out of the game as I do. And that’s my fault and I’ve learned from that. I’ve said from the beginning it was either going to be me or the Fred Hoiberg route,” Butler said, referring to the Bulls coach with whom he clashed in Chicago. “Rightfully so they took Freddy. Good for him. I’ve got that game circled on my calendar. February 9, baby, I’m back.”

The real takeaway, though, isn’t that Butler is motivated by what happened in Chicago. It’s that you should never get in a canoe with Butler.

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