What's big and white and snowy inside? A giant snowflake, of course.
Simon Beck, aka "the snow artist," has been working on his own giant snowflake creation for the Super Bowl. It has everything to do with space, and nothing to do with sports other than Target Field is his outdoor easel, so to speak.
Using only walking and snowshoes (and apparently Red Bull, which he drinks while walking around Target Field), Simon Beck creates a gigantic snowflake. His outdoor art is part of the Great Northern, which is all about celebrating and experiencing the intense cold of Minnesota winters, and is presented by Target.
Although this is Beck's first stadium installation, the 59-year-old artist has created giant geometric 'flakes, most of them in the northern hemisphere (because it is cold), and in the Alps. His lifetime goal is to create 1,000 pieces before he is 80.

Currently, he's completed 270, which means he has a lot of flaking to go. His snowflakes might be patterned like a checkerboard or swishy like an oversized snowy star shape. Each mathematical snow drawing is also created in an entirely eco way. Beck slaps on his snowshoes and trudges around for up to 11 hours, typically traveling 25 miles for each pattern.

All of his snow art is collected in a book, aptly titled "Simon Beck: Snow Art."