It has become cliche to say that Teddy Bridgewater is a nice young man.

Fans say it. Players say it. Writers say it. And Mike Zimmer says it virtually every time he stands behind a podium.

Now, this line of thinking is overblown and is reaching the outskirts of silliness. Christian Ponder was/is a nice young man and the fan base hated him once they figured out he couldn't play.

What is certain about Bridgewater is that his and his team's handling of his injury is not so likable.

Bridgewater has released a couple of short videos of him throwing. On Tuesday, the Vikings released a short video of Bridgewater dropping back.

If you think Bridgewater is ahead of schedule, or on schedule, or doing encouraging things, why not say so?

You must be encouraged, or why put out a video designed to encourage?

If you're not encouraged, why put out the video?

And if you are encouraged, why not allow Bridgewater to talk?

He hasn't spoken publicly in an interview setting since his injury.


You don't need to protect him. He handles himself very well and never says anything he doesn't want to say.

I've only seen him display what I'm told is his real personality once: When I interviewed him after a training camp practice before his second season. He danced and joked that day.

Bridgewater is both likable and sympathetic.

So if he's making real progress, why not just say so? Or let him say so?


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