This shouldn't be filed under the "surprise" department, but rather brought front and center to your attention as a reminder that "wait until next year" isn't exactly the rallying cry for the Vikings. Maybe it's more like wait until the year after ... or the year after that.


The Las Vegas Hilton, which is a fine establishment and sports book -- one which didn't acquire its money by being stupid when it comes to gambling odds -- has the Vikings as 100 to 1 long shots to win the Super Bowl next year.

Only the Jaguars and Raiders, at 200 to 1, are even bigger underdogs. The Vikings are the only team at 100 to 1. Next up at 60 to 1 are the Browns, Bucs, Bills, Jets and Titans.

Yes, Vegas thinks those five teams are better than the 2014 Vikings -- or at least that they have a better shot at reaching the Super Bowl and winning, since four of them play in the less-stacked AFC.

In terms of value bets, one writer likes both the Packers (16 to 1) and Bears (30 to 1). So if you bleed purple but also love green, there is that to consider.