Aging parents, stressed families

Marquette University students Yiren Yang, Patrick Thomas and Jack Goods helped produce these stories on family caregivers as part of the O'Brien Fellowship in Public Service.

Family caregivers: The next public health crisis?

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VideoVideo (04:34): As America ages, families are struggling to care for frail loved ones with little support from the workplace, health care system and society at large.

Soraya and Gloria: The stress of caregiving

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VideoVideo (03:32): Soraya Cazco thought she could handle her mother's growing memory problems on her own, but she underestimated the stress and isolation.

Elder Orphans: Betty and her constellation of caregivers

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VideoVideo (04:28): With no children or nearby relatives, Betty Agee was able to remain in her home with the help of a web of informal caregivers.

Larry and Jeff: Lost in a maze of services

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VideoVideo (02:50): When Jeff Tucker's memory started failing, he and partner Larry Gnatzig struggled to get the services he needed.

Marggie and Jack: From independence to assisted living

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VideoVideo (03:53): Jack Moertl navigated the move from independent living into assisted living by staying connected to friends in his senior living complex, where death and loss are everyday matters.

A grandmother in China faces loneliness in old age

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VideoVideo (03:42): Marquette University student-intern Yiren Yang interviewed her mother and grandmother about the hard realities of growing old and becoming dependent on others.