Long live the king

In recent years, a wellspring of modern adventure games have bubbled up trying to recapture the magic of yesteryear’s point-and-click titles. Modernizing a genre built upon abstract puzzle logic, trial and error is a tall order, but “King’s Quest” (Sierra, Xbox One) has found a solid balance in the first chapter of its episodic return. This is a heartfelt and entertaining return for King Graham. Part of this game’s charm lies in the narrative framework of an elderly King Graham (voiced by Christopher Lloyd) recounting the stories of his youth to his granddaughter. Players directly control Graham using an analog stick. The game does a great job of rewarding players for exploring every nook and cranny, no matter how deadly it seems. “King’s Quest” is one of the most endearing, true-to-form adventure games in recent years.

Tim Turi, Game Informer