As every guy knows, the Christmas shopping season starts right around ... Dec. 23. Yikes, is that today? How time flies.

If you’ve just begun making your list, the Minneapolis menswear store Askov Finlayson and car-sharing/delivery service Uber have your back. Today from noon to 4 p.m., you can order the definitive Minnesota clothing item of this year and last — Askov’s “North” winter stocking hat — via the Uber app, and receive it in minutes, already wrapped. You can hardly go wrong with the toasty North hat ($27-$29), which is available in multiple colors — and for every hat sold, Askov makes a donation for climate-change education.

Here’s how to get a hat delivered: In your Uber app, go in the “promotions” section and enter the code “TEAMNORTH.” Then, starting at noon and while supplies last, select the “North” option. An Uber driver will soon appear with a range of available hat options.

Uber has been going overboard lately with publicity stunts to bolster its identity as an all-purpose delivery service. Past promotions have included delivering barbecue, ice cream and even kittens. Yes, for one day only in New York, San Francisco and Seattle, you could order an adoptable kitten for 15 minutes of cuddle time.