It’s been a huge three weeks for Twitter co-founder and Chief Executive Jack Dorsey.

On Oct. 5, Twitter’s board removed the “interim” from his title, confirming reports he would be chief executive and ending months of speculation over who would take the helm of the social media service.

Since then, Dorsey has made headlines for not receiving a salary or taking a new bonus or additional stock compensation in his new role. The company has launched a big new element of the service — the news-via-Twitter feature “Moments” — and named a new chairman of the board, apologized to app developers and announced it was cutting more than 300 workers, 8 percent of the company’s staff.

Oh, and amid all this, Dorsey filed the paperwork to take public the other company he founded and runs, the mobile payments company Square.

Dorsey capped off this mad flurry of news with a tweet Thursday night saying he is giving one-third of his Twitter stock, or 1 percent of the company, “to our employee equity pool to reinvest directly in our people.” The shares are equal to about $200 million. “I’d rather have a smaller part of something big than a bigger part of something small,” Dorsey said in a subsequent tweet. “I’m confident we can make Twitter big!”

Washington Post