Here's an update from the winter meetings.

We're waiting to see if the Twins will land starting pitching over the next couple of days. Sources have confirmed that the team has made offers to lefthanders Joe Saunders and Francisco Liriano.

I've been told that the Twins remain very interested in righthander Joe Blanton and lefty John Lannan. No one has told me directly but I'm fairly sure the Twins have offers out to those two as well. Heard there's a chance Lannan will a accept a one-year deal while Blanton could land either a one-year deal or more.

They also have been interested in Brett Myers, Ryan Dempster and Brandon McCarthy this week, with indications that they are most interested in Myers among that three. Dempster reportedly is trying to get a team to offer a three-year deal.

A FoxSports report has the Twins among several teams interested in Rangers lefthander Derek Holland.

Two Twins officials said that they have offers out all over the place. So we'll see what comes up.

There was a report last night that the Twins could trade Ben Revere. The Twins have been willing to explore deals and be creative, but I was told not to believe everything I read on this one.


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