Tyler Duffey will "open" tomorrow's game. Now back to postgame programming.....

Apologies to the readership. Something told me to check on Eddie Rosario prior to the game but I got busy peppering Paul Molitor with questions about Miguel Sano and forgot.

Rosario is still having some trouble with the left quad he strained during the last road trip while running the bases in Cleveland. He returned to the lineup during the Royals series, but part of the reason he didn't play on Monday is that he's continues to be nagged by the injury.

"He’s not 100 percent," Twins manager Paul Molitor said. "We found that out over the weekend. Combined with the (J.A.) Happ matchup, we thought it was a good day to just kind of have him available late if we needed him, which we didn't need to do."

Rosario played all three games of the Royals series, starting in left on Friday then DH-ing the next two games. He's having the best season of any of the remaining hitters, so his bat is needed. But let's face it: why force it? I would put Rosario in the same category as Miguel Sano. Until they are as close to 100 percent as possible, there is not reason to play them. Having them try to get a few hits over the final weeks of the regular season is less important than their health.

Sano has not proven to be a quick healer in his young career.  And Rosario's wheels are too important.

And, as Molitor pointed out, Rosario's style a play could extend or aggravate an injury.

"We’ll re-evaluate tomorrow and see if we can get him back in there in some capacity," Molitor said of Rosario, "but I get a little leery about a guy when he’s going to be out there playing and a guy who loves to compete. I don’t know if he’ll be able to play at a level where it would be safe but we’ll get a good evaluation from our trainers tomorrow."

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