Q: Please tell me why they killed off the character Sweets from the TV drama "Bones."

A: John Francis Daley, who played Lance Sweets, reportedly asked for a leave to direct a film. But "Bones" executive producer Stephen Nathan was not sure that would work because Daley would be gone for months. Killing Sweets "just seemed the most painful yet cleanest way to contend with this for the show," Nathan told USA Today.

This is not the only time an actor has seen a conflict between movie and TV work. Two famous examples: David Caruso left "NYPD Blue" when the movies beckoned. And Tom Selleck was offered the role of Indiana Jones in "Raiders of the Lost Ark" but could not take it when he was held to his contract for "Magnum, P.I."

'NCIS: Los Angeles' is back

Q: What has happened to "NCIS: Los Angeles"? Only reruns are being shown. Did they stop making new episodes?

A: New episodes are back. Like many broadcast network series, "NCIS: Los Angeles" makes about two dozen episodes a season, but the network TV season runs more than 40 weeks. So there will be periods of reruns or pre-emptions for other programs.

In addition, networks will shuffle programs to try out new series. And on certain high-profile nights or during key periods such as ratings sweeps, networks add specials to their lineups — bumping other programs and prompting the competition to air reruns instead of wasting new episodes against what's expected to be a big hit — such as the Super Bowl, the Grammys and the Oscars.

Hunting for DVDs

Q: Too many good/great shows never get a chance on television today. Such shows include "City of Angels" and "Ironside," both starring Blair Underwood; "Common Law," "Fairly Legal" and "The Defenders" — all my favorites. Are any on DVD?

A: Most of us have at least one favorite show that did not last more than a season. The James Belushi-Jerry O'Connell version of "The Defenders" was released on DVD. So were the two seasons of "Fairly Legal" and the single season of "Common Law." I did not find an authorized DVD release of either of the Blair Underwood series.

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