Q: I saw the season finale of "Bones." It looked like a series finale. What gives?

A: The makers of the show had been warned that they might not be back for another season. Wanting to give fans some closure, they constructed a season finale that would also work as a series ender, with Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) leaving their jobs and Washington, D.C. Then the series was picked up, and now — a producer told ­TVInsider.com — there will be "some extraordinary thing" that brings Booth and Brennan back.

This is not the first time a series has set up an ending only to come back. One famous example is "Magnum, P.I.," which — when star Tom Selleck decided he was done with the series — killed Magnum at the end of the seventh season. Then Selleck changed his mind (reportedly so the show's crew could still have work), and Magnum was not dead after all.

More from 'Chicago' shows

Q: Can you tell me whether and when the TV shows "Chicago Fire" and "Chicago P.D." will return?

A: NBC has ordered new seasons of both dramas, as well as "Chicago Med," a third series overlapping with the other two, all from producer Dick Wolf. At this writing, "Chicago P.D." will start a new run Sept. 30 and "Chicago Fire" on Oct. 13, while "Chicago Med" premieres Nov. 10.

'Bosch' is back

Q: Author Michael Connelly has a series of books with detective Harry Bosch. Last year there was a series called "Bosch" that I read about on the author's website, and he says it'll be on again this year. When and where?

A: "Bosch," with Titus Welliver as the star, is an online series for Amazon.com. Ten episodes were posted on the site in February. In March, Amazon ordered a second season, saying the series had become the most watched title on Amazon Prime Instant Video. I have not seen a premiere date yet. The second season will be based on Connelly's novels "Trunk Music" and "The Drop."

Go 'Below Deck' this month

Q: Where is Bravo's "Below Deck"? I thought that was a summer show.

A: The series offers "another charter season full of champagne, caviar and tropic thunder" beginning Aug. 25.

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