Going through the motions

No one expects the new version of "Dynasty" to be a candidate for "Masterpiece Theatre," but you may be surprised by the relentless stupidity of a soap where the mustache-twirling and catfights seem as obligatory as doing the laundry. If producers can't finagle Joan Collins for a guest appearance, the least they could do is fly the scene-stealer in for a pep session with the cast. First-class, of course.

8 p.m., WUCW, Ch. 23

Captain Morgan

If Morgan Freeman had not pursued an acting career, he would have made a fine TV journalist. In fact, he's kind of playing one on National Geographic Channel, with an ongoing series of documentaries exploring humanity's greatest questions and gifts. The latest, "The Story of Us," kicks off with an episode that reminds us just how precious freedom can be, with the Oscar winner using both his gravitas and listening skills to put his guests at ease.

8 p.m., NGC

Getting an upgrade

"Mr. Robot," which started off with countless accolades, has sort of been ignored as of late, which may explain why producers are bringing Bobby Cannavale on board for this third season as a used-car salesman. Something tells me there's more to him than a loud tie and quick banter.

9 p.m., USA

Neal Justin