Pets allowed

"Dogs" is a documentary lover's best friend, with one great short film after another dedicated to our four-legged cuties and the humans who own them. The first entry, which puts the spotlight on a service animal aiding a young girl with severe epilepsy, is great. The second, featuring a Syrian refugee going to great lengths to bring his furry companion to Germany, is even better. Don't let the insipid theme song dissuade you from adopting this six-part series.

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Everything's OK

"Queen America" is the latest offering to blame beauty pageants for everything that's wrong with America. Catherine Zeta-Jones plays a pageant coach in Oklahoma who's as formidable as a Sooners football coach, even when her Southern accent slips. Despite the Oscar winner's presence, Netflix's similarly themed "Insatiable" is still a better option.

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He's a charmer

"Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia" gives "The Daily Show" host a chance to get out from behind the desk and riff on matters unrelated to President Donald Trump, including his first experience eating tacos and how he got transfixed by snake charmers during a vacation in Bali. The stand-up special should whet your appetite for Noah's scheduled performance at Xcel Energy Center on Feb. 9.

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Neal Justin