Them against the world

Sharon and Rob (co-creators Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney) are more in love than ever in the fourth and final season of “Catastrophe,” but that doesn’t mean they’ve completely shucked their selfish tendencies. The brutally honest couple bend, break and bond right up until the closing minutes of the finale, which also deals with the passing of recurring guest star Carrie Fisher.

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Nixon’s mojo

The four-part series “Tricky Dick” will eventually get around to tackling Watergate, but the premiere episode shows that the Richard Nixon story is fascinating enough without obsessing on the scandal that ended his presidency. The first hour looks back at his career-saving “Checkers” speech and his disastrous debate performance against John F. Kennedy through mostly as-it-happened news coverage.

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KC royals

Filming in the Heartland is rare, but “Queer Eye” makes it seem downright fashionable by dedicating its entire third season on Netflix to helping people in Kansas City. The episode I previewed, in which the unflappable stylists come to the aid of two sisters running a BBQ joint, made me hungry for more.

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Neal Justin