Shock to the system

“Empire” returns after a three-month break — and a major distraction on its hands. Jussie Smollett, who plays the critically important role of Jamal, will still appear in the next seven episodes, filmed before he alleged that he was attacked in a hate crime and was subsequently accused of falsifying a police report. Producers have written him out of the season’s final two episodes. Watching the soap without thinking of the behind-the-scenes drama will be a challenge.

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Broken English

British comics tend to gravitate toward puns and double entendres — none more so than Jimmy Carr, a snarky stand-up who was probably the bane of his high school language classes. One example from his latest special, “Jimmy Carr: The Best of Ultimate Gold Greatest Hits”: “If you’re scared of pedophiles — grow up.” Insert groan or giggle here.

Royal weddings

“Made in Heaven,” originally shot as an Indian web series, has its fair share of elaborate dance numbers and pesky parents. But this clever, sexy dramedy about wedding planners for the upper class is spicier than what we’re used to seeing from Bollywood. The guest list includes mobsters, secret gay lovers and a horndog photographer.

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Neal Justin