Great White North

Canadians take it on the chin in “Letterkenny,” a comedy that imagines what might have happened to Bob and Doug McKenzie’s kids if they were relegated to small-town living. Characters get their butt kicked about every 15 minutes, which seems to be fine with them, as long as they can lick their wounds with cheap beer and banter about hockey.

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Ya got trouble

When you’re tired of looking northward, turn your attention to Minnesota’s southern neighbor. The 1962 movie musical “The Music Man” may be set in Iowa, but the tale of a big-talking con man who doesn’t know the territory could just as easily have been set within our borders.

7 p.m., TCM

Nothing to fear

The latest celebrity version of “Fear Factor,” hosted by Ludacris, may have been more inviting if I had heard of any of the “famous” contestants or found any of the challenges to be actually scary. But if you own the collected works of rapper Lil Yachty and get the chills watching someone wrangle a bullfrog, this might be for you.

9 p.m., MTV

Neal Justin