The wander years

Imagine if “Friends” had stuck around long enough for viewers to discover that Joey and Monica were sustaining a longtime affair and Rachel was popping pills. That’s sort of the idea behind “Friends From College,” an irreverent new sitcom with likable — but unhuggable — characters who can’t quite accept that they graduated from Harvard a jillion years ago. Keegan-Michael Key, Cobie Smulders and Fred Savage star.

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Something old, something new

“Late Night With Stephen Colbert” is conducting an experiment that should give the staff a bit of a summer break, while still giving weekend audiences something fresh. On Fridays, the shows will basically be a “best of the week” format, but with a fresh monologue and opener reflecting the day’s news. Seems like a smart breather for a program that’s sometimes too ambitious for its own good.

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Let the games begin

“Game of Thrones” returns with just 13 episodes remaining. That may not sound like very many, but producers are promising bloated running times and more action than ever. If last season’s run was any indication of their commitment, it should be a heck of a ride. For more on “GOT,” see Sunday’s Variety section and look for an online review Monday of the premiere.

8 p.m. Sunday, HBO

Neal Justin