Higher education

“Survivor,” which is coming off one of its most satisfying seasons, returns for its 38th(!) edition. Competing castaways include a morning-news anchor, a toymaker, a YMCA program director and renowned educator Ron Clark, whom Matthew Perry portrayed in a 2006 TV movie. Four returning competitors are also in the mix.

7 p.m. WCCO, Ch. 4

Dark humor

“Larry Charles’ Dangerous World of Comedy” lives up to its title with the director of “Borat” and classic “Seinfeld” episodes taking a perilous look at how people mine laughs in the most unlikely of places. Don’t mistake this for a yukfest. Charles’ conversation with a child murderer in Liberia who admires Bill Cosby’s “Kids Say the Darndest Things” is downright chilling.

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Cult of personality

Seth Meyers must only get 40 minutes of sleep a night. In addition to hosting a late-night show, the comic also pens episodes of “Documentary Now!” including the two-parter that kicks off an ambitious third season. Owen Wilson and Michael Keaton help spoof “Wild Wild Country” and other docs that investigate questionable cults. Future episodes feature Cate Blanchett as a performance artist too wild for the Walker Art Center and a wicked but loving roast of Steven Sondheim musicals.

9 p.m. IFC

Neal Justin