Back to school days

Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle may no longer be teenagers, but they remember enough horror stories to pull off “PEN15,” their not-so-wistful look back at the prison term commonly known as middle school. The adult comics are the co-creators and stars of this promising sitcom, reliving the trials and tribulations of first crushes, peer pressure and bad haircut survival. The eternally young Andy Samberg is among the executive producers.

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Dance hall days

“Studio 54,” the ’70s equivalent of the Luxy elite dating app, represented the best or the worst of American culture, depending on your cultural taste and/or economic status. Former co-owner Ian Schrager hasn’t spoken much about the club’s heyday, but in this fascinating documentary he seems to revel in reliving the past, even when it includes his prison sentence for tax evasion.

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Heaven help us

If you’ve made “The Good Place” a weekly destination, you’ll want to also book reservations with “Miracle Workers,” an even more irreverent visit to the spiritual world with Steve Buscemi as an illiterate God who’s obsessed with cable news, can’t open a box of cornflakes and demands vengeance on Bill Maher. Daniel Radcliffe plays the clerk in the Department of Unanswered Prayers trying to speak to God’s better angels.

9:30 p.m. Tue., TBS

Neal Justin