Almost famous

Austyn Tester is on the verge of becoming a celebrity in the fascinating new documentary “Jawline,” even though the only real talent he seems to have is maintaining excellent hair. Watching teens fall in — and out of — love with the would-be YouTube sensation is fascinating but ultimately heartbreaking. The real star to emerge from the film is Michael Weist, a social media manager who could end up being the next Col. Tom Parker.

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The next generation

The “Growing Up Hip Hop” franchise finally gets to New York with the spotlight on the family members of Fat Joe, Flavor Flav, Ol’ Dirty Bastard and Ja Rule. Expect enough drama to fill a box set of rap songs.

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Mamma mia

Podcasters Jen Smedley and Kristin Hensley are so animated in the Milwaukee concert performance “#IMomSoHardLive” that you would probably be amused if the volume was on mute. Doing so, though, would mean missing their commentary on periods, horny husbands and breast-feeding. The highlight of the show comes when the comics improvise with items they find in their fans’ purses. Their outrageous riffs are anything but motherly.

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Neal Justin